Communications Request

Use to publicize church events and announcements. 

Communications request form

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Please provide the date you want the advertising to begin

Please provide the date you would like advertising to end.

Desired Communication Media:*

Graphics Provided?*

Do you have a graphic you would like for us to use in your advertisement?

Schedule a Room, Event or Meeting

Use to request a room, equipment or setup in the FUMC facility.   Click here to download the Schedule an Event Request form, fill out and email to .

Many/most events will require BOTH a Communications form and a Schedule Event form.  Since we have different people involved in these processes we appreciate your support.


FUMC Authorized Driver

Use to request to be a driver of the FUMC bus or van.   Click here to download, fill out and email to .    Other downloadable information related is the DMV form to attain your DMV driving record or instructions to print your DMV record online through the Virginia DMV online system.

DMV Record by Mail

DMV Record Online (to Print)