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September 18 - October 8:  Forgiveness: The Heart of the Matter Sermon Series

Because Forgiveness is essential for any kind of healthy and whole life, we will spend four weeks at Fredericksburg United Methodist Church talking about forgiveness as we begin a new message series in September called Forgiveness: The Heart of the Matter.

We will look at two dimensions of forgiveness, our ability to ask for and receive the forgiveness of others and our ability to extend forgiveness to those who hurt us. We will look at forgiveness in the context of our most personal and lifelong relationships. We will look at what it means to forgive others like our neighbors, coworkers, and even our enemies, and we will explore forgiveness in the midst of our families; both forgiveness with our parents and our children. And we will, of course, see that our ability to ask for and receive forgiveness has its roots in Jesus’ work on the cross. Plan to join us beginning the weekend of September 17th-18th as we tackle this important topic from a Biblical perspective.

September 17th-18th – Forgiving Families
September 24th-25th – Forgiving Others
October 1st-2nd – Forgiveness in Relationships
October 8th-9th – As Far as the East Is from the West


August 7 - September 11, 2016

Sermon Series:  Good to Great in God's Eyes: Ten Practices Great Christians Have in Common, by Chip Ingram


What does greatness in God’s kingdom look like? In Luke 22, near the end of Jesus ministry, the disciples argued about which one of them was the greatest. Surprisingly, Jesus never rebuked them for their longing to be great but he gave them a completely new paradigm about what greatness is.

 In John 15:5-8, Jesus talks about first remaining connected to the vine and then bearing fruit, actually it says bearing much fruit. There is nothing wrong with desiring to be “great” in your pursuit of God.

The book: “Good to Great” written by Jim Collins is about companies that are a cut above the rest. What makes them great? Collins and his team researched hundreds of companies and came up with a list of characteristics that distinguish great businesses from good or mediocre ones.

Corporate leaders want to be great leaders. Men want to be great husbands and fathers. Same with women. Athletes want to be great competitors. Scholars want to be great thinkers. Is it wrong to want to be a great Christian? Should we aspire to be mediocre?
So with boldness Chip Ingram wrote “Good to Great in God’s Eyes: Ten Practices Great Christians Have in Common.” Robb Almy and I are going to undertake a message series that will talk about those ten principles.

We hope to have a few copies to purchase at the church but you can purchase it right now for your Kindle or on Amazon.com. There is also a Sunday School and small group package available that includes a DVD and study guides.

Our series covered 10 very important concepts, click the links to hear the sermons.
Aug. 7 - Introduction - Think Great Thoughts
Aug. 14 - Read Great Books, Pursue Great People
Aug. 21 - Dream Great Dreams, Pray Great Prayers
Aug. 29 - Take Great Risks, Make Great Sacrifices
Sep. 4 - Enjoy Great Moments, Empower Great People
Sep. 11 - Develop Great Habits, Conclusion

My prayer is for this series and book to cultivate your desire to follow Jesus more closely. Good to Great in God’s Eyes is about a willingness to improve yourself. But desires don’t accomplish much if there’s no follow through, no plan to accomplish them. I hope and pray this will serve as a blueprint for building the life God has designed for you.