Mar 31, 2019 | Rev. Joshua Hagstrom


Our relationship with God turns into one of joyful obedience when we are assured of our relationship with Christ and the forgiveness of our sins. For Peter, we see this takes place over breakfast with Jesus on the side of the Sea of Tiberias. For John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, we hear of his “heart strangely warmed” at Aldersgate in 1738. During this season of Lent, how is your heart being warmed by your relationship with God? 
A spiritual practice you may try this week is the practice of journaling. David Lawrence writes how this practice helps keep “an honest record of what is going on in your life, how you feel about it, and your awareness of where God is in it all.” Recording how we are experiencing God in our daily lives is one way we are able to become more attentive to our relationship with Christ.


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“Come and Follow Me” will focus on Christian discipleship using the Apostle Peter as a guide.
We hope that you will hear Jesus’ call to follow more closely during this important time, as we look to the call, failures and success within Peter’s journey.