His first day of preschool

12.02.18 | Stories | by Stephanie Long

    I chose Fredericksburg UMC's Preschool because it had all the things I was looking for: experienced teachers, security of the building, and a faith-based program!  I was quite surprised by how caring the staff was not only to my children but to myself.  I was very nervous when I dropped off my son for his first day of preschool.  He cried, and I cried more leaving him.  

    Becky Patrick (the Fredericksburg UMC Preschool Director) took the time to reassure me.  My son’s teacher, Mrs. Hensen, called me about 15 minutes later and told me my son had calmed down and was playing without a care.  I don't think I would have made it through that first day without their caring words.  Then when my family fell on hard times FUMC Preschool Board of Directors very generously provided both my children with scholarships.  It has been a great help to my family, more than I can express.

    Now that my son is in Kindergarten, I can see just how important preschool was to give him a great start to his education.  As I dropped off my daughter for her first day at Fredericksburg UMC's Preschool, I had no fear she would be safe, cared for, and receive the same great start to her education!

    I am very blessed to have found FUMC Preschool.  It is not just a place to send your children.  It is a place your family can grow in faith, community and self!

    - Blessed mother of two,

    Stephanie Long