Prayer List

PRAYER LIST  as of August 11, 2022


CHRISTIAN SYMPATHY TO:  Bill Milby on the death of his brother-in-law, John Wake, on August 5.

HEALTH CONCERNS – GENERAL Drug and alcohol-addicted individuals, those with mental illnesses, all who are ill physically and mentally; those struggling with dementia; all who battle cancer

Week of August 8, 2022
Frank Napier, Janice Napier, Minnie Napier, Darlene Mitchell, Ed Koenig, Nancy Smith (Laura Koenig)
Lea Aylor - surgery on 8/2 for broken wrist
Jill - cancer (Bob and Sue Lewandowski)
Bob Lewandowski - strength
Dale Drendall (Ali Donley)
Guy Friend - ruptured appendix; found large mass on bladder (Dave Friend's brother)
Week of August 1, 2022
Brian Kuerynski - successful surgery on 8/3 (Melissa and Paige Eagleton)
Richard Lawson - cancer (Kim Harmon)
Ronnie and Brenda Hughes - heart, infection, shingles (Kim Harmon)
Mia -complete healing of  broken wrist (Bob and Sue Lewandowski)
Kim McManus-Carini - surgery 8/1
Twin sons of co-worker - surgery 8/3 (Kim McManus-Carini)
Fran Lucash and Tom Jones (Kevin and Kathy Walsh)
Ruth Ernst

Week of August 8, 2022
FUMC Sunday School, Youth and Children's Ministries as they kick off for fall
Students, teachers, administrators, and staff going back to school
Ann Murphy - downsizing and moving
Eli and Mia Lewandowski- school
Week of August 1, 2022
Mrs. Kleynhaus - loss of Mr. Kleynhaus (Kim Harmon)
Students heading to college for first time and returning students
Those affected by the floods (Kim Carini)
Hannah and Rachel - travel mercies in Kenya (Shirley and Gene Barlow's granddaughters)

Work of our missionary in Tanzania, Fernando Matsimbe, and a new church inside Serengeti National Park that he has
     planned, that it will carry forth the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ
Our Healthy Church Team (HCT) lead us in safe in-person ministries during the challenges of COVID-19
Pastors, Church Staff, and Ministry Volunteers – innovation in ministries, compassion, and care during COVID-19 crisis
Our community and nation in racial concerns. May we see both peace and justice.
Community Dinner
Micah Missions
Our District Superintendent, Rev. Charles Bates
Bishop Sharma Lewis as she leads the VA Conference
Children’s and Youth Ministries
The United Methodist Church in light of the delay of General Conference until 2024
Our pastors as they lead and shepherd us
Connect, Grow, Serve, Seek Teams Sunday Schools and other Small Groups at FUMC
FUMC Visitation Ministry and Congregational Care Ministries

Week of August 8, 2022
Week of August 1, 2022
Jill got a job (Bob and Sue Lewandowski)

Brian Alexander
Vy Bass
Zachary Belcher (Rob and Melissa's son)
Anne Blosser
Brian Brandt – for healing and strength and for his cancer to go into full remission
Joan Buchan
Doris Coble
Ellen Coppell and Fred Coppell
Dayton and Rosie Crews
Betty Drew 
Luella Everitt (Diane Isenberg’s mother)
Lisabeth Graninger
Doug Green
Ellen Hartzler (Birmingham Green, 8605 Centreville Rd., Cardinal Heights, Rm 132, Manassas, VA 20110-
Wayne Hedge 
Alberta and Dan Hickman
Bobby Hill – spina bifida (GA) (Lydia O’Neil’s grandson)
Bob Hinkle
Jackie and Doug Holbrook
Mark and Alice Hoover
Bob LaChance
Glenna Lee
Bob Lewandowski and their grandchildren
Gordon and Martha Linkous
Rylee Maslock
Ruth McGhee
Helene Patterson (Poet’s Walk – aunt of Amy Zurasky)
Jeannette Regan
Dottie Sellers
Zander Sheffield
Leon Shiner
Dorothy Spitler
Steven (Lynda Swanlund's brother)
Larry Tubbs
Tabitha Van Doren
Ron Wasem
Max and Dorothy Youmans
Amy Young and Family

Bless and keep safe the men and women serving on stand-by to serve in the Middle East
Healing for our divided country, nations, and leaders
All Military and Law Enforcement and First Responders and Essential Workers
Logan Barry - USMC (Karen Foster)
Sr Airman Adam DeWitte – USAF, stationed stateside
Pvt Winter Ewer
Jackson Henderson – USCG (C.M. and Barbara Williams grandson)
Walt Kuck – USS Lassen, (Elizabeth Heflin)
Riley Neffferendorf
Lt. John Phin
Warrant Officer J Seaux
Kyle M. Shiner – US Navy (Leon & Vivien Shiner)
2nd Lt Ted Steber, USMC (Jayne Manger grandson)
Drew Wilson