Current Series

Come, Follow Me

“Come and Follow Me” will focus on Christian discipleship using the Apostle Peter as a guide.
We hope that you will hear Jesus’ call to follow more closely during this important time, as we look to the call, failures and success within Peter’s journey.
Relationship Status: Healthy Connections

February is often the month when we reflect upon our love relationships. This February we are taking the opportunity to explore our relationships in light of God’s word. We will begin with friendships, talk about family and marriage, hear from our youth and end in exploring our relationship with God. This series will be grounded in the “real” of life taking on when everything is not all hearts and flowers, as well as looking to God’s most healthy vision for all of our connections. Don’t miss this series! It’s a time to offer up your hopes, dreams and difficulties to God in the light of God’s Word.


Youth Sabbath

Worship at each service is lead by the youth of our church with sermons written and given by the Seniors of the youth group.  Always a special day with many inspiring messages and acts.

A Limitless Life: Living a God-Directed Life in 2019

Join us for our series following the Christmas Season planned to help us begin the New Year on the right path. Life itself can seem so limited. We fuss about our time constraints. We complain about growing older. We feel the pressures of our finances. All this can make us feel so limited. In addition, we make New Years’ resolutions in hopes of changing things, yet we find ourselves in the same old boxes or navigating the same circles that take us nowhere good. Start in the right direction this year! Begin afresh at church and with God in 2019! In worship, we will encounter the limitless nature of God and how that nature makes all the difference for the year ahead, as well as for each moment of each day.  

I Witness: Living Inside the Story of Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? This is a common question we ask one another as December rolls through at what usually seems a quickened pace.

 Are you ready this year? What does ready mean to you?

 Part of being ready for experiencing “The Reason for the Season” is the ability to re-enter the greatest story of all, the story of God’s love coming near to us in the birth of Jesus Christ. To help in the journey this Advent, we will follow the story of Christmas through the Gospels and the characters of Christmas in a series entitled: “I Witness: Living Inside the Story of Christmas.”

 So often there are barriers in our celebrations of Christmas that keep us focused on everything but the true heart of the Season. This series will ask that we open wide our hearts and minds to “witness” the story through the eyes of key witnesses held in our Gospels’ telling of the story.  There is a difference between hearing the story of Christmas and entering the story to find your own place in the miracle of God’s love made known in the birth of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that you will witness The Story this Season in ways that birth the goodness of God in your life and in the world through you. As we enter the story more deeply, we will marvel in the majesty of the babe born in a manger as Christ our King in ways that help us bear witness to Jesus in the Season and throughout our lives.

 Join us as we witness love born anew this Christmas! We hope you will share an invite with others, too, for there is much to witness in the goodness of our God this Season and always!

Living Generously: Giving our First and Best to God

In this series, you will see a family take risks, experience suffering, doubt and joy while we reflect upon biblical precepts of "giving God our best." Moreover, you will see what happens when the family chooses to embrace a generous life in the midst of uncertainty.  Like them, you will be invited into a transformational process concluding with our church-wide pledging for 2019 church ministry support in worship Saturday/Sunday on October 20-21, 2018.