Current Series

A Limitless Life: Living a God-Directed Life in 2019

Join us for our series following the Christmas Season planned to help us begin the New Year on the right path. Life itself can seem so limited. We fuss about our time constraints. We complain about growing older. We feel the pressures of our finances. All this can make us feel so limited. In addition, we make New Years’ resolutions in hopes of changing things, yet we find ourselves in the same old boxes or navigating the same circles that take us nowhere good. Start in the right direction this year! Begin afresh at church and with God in 2019! In worship, we will encounter the limitless nature of God and how that nature makes all the difference for the year ahead, as well as for each moment of each day.  

Defying Gravity: Break Free from the Culture of More

Break free from the culture of more.

We will be beginning a sermon series based on the book Defying Gravity by Tom Berlin, Senior pastor of Floris United Methodist Church. Our possessions can create unbearable weight and affect our ability to serve and thrive. How do we defy gravity and find freedom? Join us on October 23 as we begin this four week study. #FUMCBreakFree