Oct 20, 2019 | Rev. Joshua Hagstrom

Christian Connections, part 2

Our urging this week is to work on connecting with the people God has placed around you in this body of the church. We hope to see you at the church picnic!

Here is a useful prayer of thanksgiving for the church by Rachel Wojo.

 Dear Heavenly Father,
Today I thank you for my church.
While some might think of doors and windows,
I’m praising you for spirits and hearts.
The people whose lives you’ve intersected
are remarkable through your grace.
I can’t praise you enough for the unique way
You’ve blended the talents of individuals
into beautiful masterpieces of joy.
May we love one another to the fullest,
and be evidence of your ultimate love,
to advance the work of your kingdom.


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Series Information

In the worship series we just finished, we talked about sharing our gifts. This next short series entitled “Christian Connections” will lead us to be reminded that we need each other in the community of Christ. When we aren’t connecting in this gift, we miss out on God’s intended blessings. Are you fostering Christian community? How can doing so make all the difference? Join us as we explore the fellowship aspect of our discipleship journey together.