Jun 10, 2018 | Rev. Larry Davies

Do Not Worry

Nine Things You Simply Must Do

  1. Dig it Up – Become more Aware of your Potential and Your Mission in Life.
  2. Pull the Tooth – Face the pain that you are dealing with.
  3. Play the Movie – Keep an eye toward future consequences of your decisions.
  4. Do Something – Don’t just stand there…
  5. Act Like an Ant - Industrious.
  6. Hate Well – Transform Hate to the kind hate that solves problems, heals relationships.
  7. Don’t Play Fair – Do better. Be better. Act better.
  8. Be Humble – It’s not about you anyway.
  9. Upset the Right People – Growing deeper in the faith provides opportunities and increases opposition. Your success is based on your persistence.

 Larry and Robb - Looking back

 12 Steps to Applying the Nine Things You Simply Must Do

  1. Do Not Go It Alone – Look to wise and loving people to help you.
  2. Receive Wisdom – We have a lot to learn.
  3. Receive Feedback and Correction – We all need correction and help of some kind.
  4. Find Models – We cannot easily do what we have never seen done.
  5. Review Your Patterns – Do not allow past patterns to repeat themselves.
  6. Deal with Impediments – Hurt, pain or weakness can get in the way.
  7. Add Structure – Outside structure is often needed.
  8. Practice, Practice, Practice and Fail – A winner is in many respects a good loser.
  9. Change Your Beliefs – Old beliefs can hold you back.
  10. Quarantine Your Weaknesses – Protect yourself from the past.
  11. Put Your Vision and Goals on Paper – Plan achievable steps to get you there.
  12. Pray, Pray, Pray – You will never be alone again if you put your trust in Jesus.

 Several Truths

God is there to help if we ask.

God not only helps directly but also provides others.

There are Godly truths and principles that guide our lives.

As we practice the principles and truths, our relationship with God and others deepens.


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