May 20, 2018 | Rev. Larry Davies

Don't Play Fair

A young woman named Sarah… this is what it means to be God’s church.

A counselor asked: What is a sure-fire way to destroy any relationship? Play Fair! If you play fair you will ruin all of them. If you really want to succeed in life and love you must do better.

So, what do we do? When someone fails us, do we just act as if nothing happened? Do we take it and become doormats? Will that help a relationship? Certainly not. That only make things worse. What is the answer?

  1. Get rid of anger
  2. Ask yourself: What is helpful?
  3. Get past your own need.
  4. Sometimes love takes a person to a higher level.
  5. Ask how you have contributed.
  6. Give the opposite.  

That’s what undeserved love and grace is all about….

Billy never thought much about God… But when Billy needed God, he discovered the true meaning of church. 

We may not offer sure-fire formulas for problem-free living, but the church can and does provide the Holy Presence of God to give comfort and hope to lost sheep like Sarah and lost coins like Billy. I know, because I too was lost. I desperately needed and still need God’s holy presence. My passion as a pastor is to help you discover for yourself the same healing comfort of God. When you need us most, I pray you will reach out and find God’s church is there.

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