Aug 05, 2018 | Rev. Gina Anderson-Cloud

Learning to be Beloved

Romans 6:3-5

Today, we begin a series to deepen our awareness of God’s interaction in the ordinary moments of life. God’s transformative power is made available to us, even on our most ordinary day or mundane moment. Pastors Gina & Josh will be using Tish Harrison Warren’s book, Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life as a guiding tool during this series. Their hope is that you will consider reading along and/or perhaps join them on-line for theological reflections planned for the upcoming Thursdays at noon. 

 Where is God when just normal stuff is happening…when you are waking up, eating leftovers for lunch, or driving the kids to practice?  Here is a top 5 list to ponder in reflection of how God may be showing up, even when you think not.

 A Top 5 List of Reasons to Look for “God Encounters” in the Ordinary

1. Everything God created was proclaimed either “good” or “very good;” therefore, the essence of the created order is worthy of examination, reflection and ultimately wonder.

2. God is concerned about our highs and lows, but we often forget that God is also present in the space that is simply average.

3. Jesus was so much a part of normal human existence. He ate with people. He attended gatherings and parties. He attended worship. His world-saving ministry was nurtured in family and took place in human life and interactions.

4. The way of God is to bless the ordinary. With God, water gives way to life and life eternal in baptism. Mere bread and wine become for us the linkage to life in Christ as a foretaste of heaven in Holy Communion. Moreover, in faith and with simple actions of love, the kingdom of God comes near.

5. Jesus took the ordinary and made it miraculous. Water became the best wine. A young boy’s lunch fed thousands. A touch gave way to healing. There were no “special effects” or high drama moments with Christ, only simple transformation of the ordinary by the powerful nature of an awesome God!

 God longs for your discovery of the sacred in the midst of your ordinary days, moments. How are you making space to experience God’s holy presence?

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