Jul 08, 2018 | Rev. Gina Anderson-Cloud

Looking Like Jesus

 Going deeper:

Often we hear that the world is a mess.  Today’s sermon asks us to consider where we are revealing the “image of Christ” to help transform the mess.

 In Romans 8:31, Paul asks the question: “What then are we to say about these things?”  His reference to “these things” points to the goodness of God that we are called toward, as well as the power we have in the love of Christ Jesus.

 In your prayer and reflection time this week, please make note of where you see possibilities to “conquer” the wrongs of the world or perhaps just in your life, with the goodness of God.  In Christ Jesus, we have been made to be “more than conquerors,” therefore, allow God’s Spirit to be at work in the mess – blessing, guiding and working together for the good and the glory of our amazing God!

 Bishop Lewis has a thing called “glory sitings” during Annual Conference where, usually by video, she lifts up churches or individuals revealing the image of the glory of Christ in the world. Where do you see this happening at FUMC or perhaps in the lives of the community of faith that you connect with in small groups or other connections?  Take note.  Can that goodness be multiplied?  Can you be a part of that multiplication factor? The world needs Jesus Christ. You have his imprint upon you as a disciple. Take that powerful image and make a true difference!


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