Nov 18, 2018 | Rev. Gina Anderson-Cloud

Our Confidence: Dwelling in Blessings

Our scriptures give us a rich foundation of examples of how we are to offer God our thanks and praise. Culturally we set aside a day for this, and our church offers a service each year to remember our blessings. Both activities offer traditions that help shape us and turn our hearts upward to a God who blesses. As we experience these structured Thanksgiving opportunities, how might you cultivate gratitude in ways that last longer than the transition from turkey to Black Friday?  Research has shown that living in gratitude gives way to less complaining and a deeper connection with God’s Spirit and provision for your life. 

 Thanksgiving offers a time for you to reconnect to the goodness of God. Consider these spiritual activities as a way to deepen gratitude and recognize God’s faithfulness well beyond November 22nd:

Look to God’s presence in the midst of your circumstances. (Where have I seen God today?)

Develop a daily practice or practices that help you realize God’s presence in your life. (Prayer, devotional reading, connecting with Christian friends, etc.)

Keep reminders present that help you remember how God has seen you through in the past. (The Israelites were told to take 12 stones to remember God’s faithfulness.  What reminds you of this?)

Practice being content. (This will require intentional practice. Consider a “gratitude journal” or blessings prayer list.)

Pay your blessings forward by serving others. (There are many opportunities to do this through our church.)

 A Thanksgiving Prayer by Ann Weems

 O Lord, you flower the gardens for us and make green the wastelands.  The mountains burst forth with streams of water and the fields are filled with your bounty. Thank you, God, for all good gifts, and make our hearts your home that we might serve you all of our days and live in the hope of your peace.



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