Nov 04, 2018 | Rev. Gina Anderson-Cloud

Our Hope: A Dwelling Place in Heaven

John Wesley, the founder of our denomination, said about All Saints Sunday, “This is a festival I truly love.” He did caution about holding saints “in too high regard,” for fear of people not looking to Jesus as our prime example. However, his love for this day, which celebrates our promise of God in heaven, is a love that points us in the direction of eternity.

 For reflection:

What is your view of heaven?

Does the promise of God for an eternal dwelling place have meaning in your life in the here and now? Why or why not?

 In this new worship series, we will talk about where God dwells. In the coming weeks, we encourage you to reflect on this idea.  As a part of this reflection, consider how God is a part of your life, daily as well as in God’s plans for your future.  How might you open yourself more to God’s dwelling place within you? This could be a focus of your prayer time in the coming weeks as we share together in worship.

 To learn more about United Methodist understanding of heaven go to: For a history about our Wesleyan heritage with All Saints, go to:


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