Mar 11, 2018 | Rev. Robb Almy

So, You Want to be Like Christ? Prayer

Prayer in the Bible

Jesus prayed himself and taught about prayer.

In other places in the Bible the importance of prayer is noted.

 Prayer Defined

Prayer is _______________________ with God.

A primary purpose of prayer is connecting with God in order to transfer His will into your life.

Half Truths About Prayer

It is a temptation to make prayer complicated.

Prayer is not bargaining or pleading.

Prayer is not presenting God with a wish list of thoughts as though He were a genie.

 Truths About Prayer

Prayer must be ______________-centered, never self-centered.

Prayer must allow adequate time for listening.

 Practical Ideas- Prayer

When your morning goes south, pull away for a few moments of solitude to seek God’s mind and his instruction for you.

When your attitude starts to sour, pause for an attitude adjustment, prompted by prayer. Don’t wait, pray immediately.

It is amazing what effect prayer has on our relationship with one another- barriers are broken down, hearts are softened, wills become submissive, fresh ideas flow freely.



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