Jun 30, 2019 | Rev. Joshua Hagstrom

Using Words for Good

John Wesley proposes three simple rules for how we are to live a healthy life: Do No Harm, Do Good, Stay in Love with God. The words we choose to use can be in line with these rules. This week, how might your words do good to and for the people you chat with? Author Rueben P. Job writes more about Wesley’s healthy way of living in his book, Three Simple Rules.

When our lives are under pressure, sometimes we may use our words to relieve that pressure by complaining and venting. There are healthy and unhealthy ways for us to use our words to express our dissatisfaction with what is causing the pressure. These range from chronic complaining to instrumental complaining. As you are reading through James this week, look for ways the author names how our faith should influence the words we use towards one another.

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When we are honest, we realize the weight of stress applying pressure in our lives.  Pressure is not a new thing. James wrote to early Christians about how to face intense pressure.  Through the lens of holy Scripture, his advice asks followers of Jesus to live in ways where pressure moves us closer in our journey with Jesus, day-to-day. So, in a season where we are called to relax and let things go, join with us as we look to living healthy, Christ-focused lives even in tense, pressuring times. Read James with us from mid-June to mid-July and get spiritually healthy!