Feb 16, 2020 | Rev. Gina Anderson-Cloud

Where is the Love Part 1

With the celebration of Valentine's Day this past week, love is still the topic in the air and a focus for our two-part look at 1 John 2. Today, we look at what priority love takes in our lives. Jesus gives us a tall order of love in his "great commandment."  Yet, God does not coerce us to love others. When we are honest, in our free will and our often sinful state, sometimes we simply do not love. 

If we are to love as God loves, then today's topic causes us to look deeply and to be honest. Who do you need to love, as God loves them?  How are you willing to reach to God to make that happen, because it is a choice and it also can be work.

Here is a prayer for the hard work of loving:
Loving God, thank you for loving me, without condition. Thank you for giving me the love of Christ to bridge my heart to yours. I want to love in the same way you love me, but the world around me holds sin, brokenness and prejudices that cause me to not fully love as I should in all occasions. Honestly, sometimes we all can also get self-absorbed and forget your call to love. Help me to embrace this work of love that comes from your Holy Spirit. Make me open to be in relationship in places that are hard and in ways that require patience and amazing grace. I trust you, Lord. I trust Jesus. I trust your Holy Spirit. Please work within me to love as you love. Amen!

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