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Our congregation delivers UMCOR Kits to the VA Annual Conference.  Recent disasters, such as the tornadoes in Virginia and disasters across the United States, have shown us how important these kits are in times of crisis.  Keep 'em coming as we have seen several natural disasters in the recent weeks and months, these Cleaning Kits can help save someone's home.   Fill one yourself, with your family, neighbors, club or small group.

Download the UMCOR Flood Cleaning Kit Instructions here!

Guatemala Dusty Shoes Mission - July 2018

Since 1998, our church family has been sending teams on week long mission trips to Guatemala through a non-profit group called Highland Support Project.  Our FUMC teams build cook stoves for Mayan women in rural communities living in the Guatemala mountains.  

WHY HELP?  Our teams bring the good news of love to communities suffering from social injustice. By partnering with Highland Support Project (HSP) we contribute to work to liberate people from cycles of poverty and to develop relationships between people of different worlds to create a better world for all. These Highland indigenous communities register in the lowest quality of life indexes in the hemisphere and are struggling for dignity and to break the vicious cycles of poverty.  

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Other Mission Opportunities in Guatemala

For over 24 years, the Highland Support Project has worked with indigenous Maya women to build resilience and create opportunities. Our group typically builds stoves during the summer, however if you have an interest in health, midwifery, childhood education or art there are other opportunities as well.

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