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Our congregation is gathering UMCOR Kits to serve those community devastated by the recent hurricanes in Virginia, North and South Carolina and Florida.  These recent disasters have shown us how important these kits are in times of crisis.  These Cleaning Kits can help save someone's home.   Fund one yourself, with your family, neighbors, club or small group for $50.  Contact Sandy Wiseman for information.

Emergency Response Training Opportunity on February 2, 2019

Volunteers who work with Early Response Teams (ERTs) are often the first people on the ground providing aid after a disaster strikes. Their mission is to create a caring presence. They immediately help to clean things up and make homes safe, sanitary and secure.  We will meet from 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM and the cost is $30 including lunch.   The morning session will be in a classroom and the afternoon portion will be practical ladder and tarp learning outside, so dress accordingly. 

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ERT volunteers must go through ERT training with UMCOR. This ensures that they will operate under specific guidelines that allow them to be productive and caring while causing no further harm or being a burden to the affected community. Topics covered in the class include the who, what, when, where and how of doing ministry, as well as hands on experience in the specific tasks that early responders are expected to accomplish. After completing this training, taking the ERT knowledge assessment in class, and passing a background check, volunteers will be eligible to receive an UMCOR ERT badge.

Instituted May 1, 2009, this ERT badge is part of a national effort to certify early response volunteers across multiple agencies. This was born out of “lessons learned” from 9/11 and the need for volunteers to hold specific credentials to enter the disaster site. UMCOR ERT badge holders will be eligible to receive national certification to assist following a US disaster. If you became an ERT before 2009, you can earn a badge by taking a re-certification class.  If you have a current badge about to expire or has just expired in the last few months you can attend part of this class to re-certify as an ERT.

Here's a flier to download for reference and to share with a friend called to serve.

Guatemala Dusty Shoes Mission - July 2019

2019 Trip planned for July 27 - August 4, 2019 - Join us to be part of the change!

Reflections of our 2018 trip:  Since 1998, our church family has been sending teams on week long mission trips to Guatemala through a non-profit group called Highland Support Project.  Our FUMC teams build cook stoves for Mayan women in rural communities living in the Guatemala mountains.   We traveled in mission to Guatemala on July 7 through July 16, with a team of 26 people from mainly Fredericksburg UMC and Shady Grove UMC in Mechanicsville.   This year we raised money to build a school kitchen in the village of Chiquix that will serve 300 children a hot meal.  In addition we ill build stoves for up to 24 women in the community.   God is great and keep us in your prayers as we travel.     He has led us.... here we are Lord.  Here's a link to the story about the impact we had.

WHY HELP?  Our teams bring the good news of love to communities suffering from social injustice. By partnering with Highland Support Project (HSP) we contribute to work to liberate people from cycles of poverty and to develop relationships between people of different worlds to create a better world for all. These Highland indigenous communities register in the lowest quality of life indexes in the hemisphere and are struggling for dignity and to break the vicious cycles of poverty.  

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Other Mission Opportunities in Guatemala

For over 24 years, the Highland Support Project has worked with indigenous Maya women to build resilience and create opportunities. Our group typically builds stoves during the summer, however if you have an interest in health, midwifery, childhood education or art there are other opportunities as well.

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