So Where is Our Jerusalem?
We can be Christ’s witnesses to those in need within our church walls.

We have dozens who serve within the walls of our church.  Those who sit at the reception desk, those to tend to the flowers, teach the children, polish the worship implements, buy the bread, straighten the pews, prepare the programs, count the offerings, lead book clubs, prayer shawl knitters,  communion servers, drivers, coffee and snack prep and congregational care givers.  Contact our SERVE Team Chair, Mike Cotter for any more information on any of the following or drop by at our monthly meeting on the 2nd Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. 

We use our time to serve our church in these ways and more.

  • Congregational Care. There are many ways of caring through visitation, calls, home communion service, Stephen Ministers, hospitality, and prayer shawls for our church members and our home-bound members.  Contact Mary McGhee-Pasternak our congregational care coordinator by .
  • Worship services require volunteers to help as ushers, communion servers, scripture readers, communion preparers, technology/sound volunteers and greeters.
  • Community, neighbors and homeless.  Click here.
  • Teach our children. We are  always in need of adult teachers or helpers for our children's Sunday school classes and Wednesday night programs. Curriculum and materials are provided.  Contact Jillian Murray at
  • Church Bazaar. We welcome all interested crafters and seamstresses to our workshops, which typically start in January on Monday mornings. The Bazaar proceeds are divided among several different mission venues. Past donations have gone to needed items and renovations and to groups in the church and abroad. We also take donations. Contact  if you are interested in finding out more.
  • Bus and Van Drivers.  We reach have a variety of needs in the transportation area, from Youth Group and Senior field trips to student at the university and Cold Weather Shelter runs. The church has left the building as we shuttle our members and community members around.  Contact the church office to sign up.
  • Church Office.  We serve our church in administration to keep things running smoothly.  Volunteers serve on committees, in communications, reception, finance and  technology areas.
  • Technology.  Those who have an affinity for technology serve as sound board operators, run worship presentations and help with computers, networks and databases.

Contact us using the form on this website or give us a call (540) 373-9021, ext 105.   We can provide training too!

 Sure - I can help!