Ministers & Lay Coalition for social change

01.18.21 | Stories | by Bill Botts

 Pastor Gina, Jillian Murray, and Bill Botts are FUMC's representatives to the initial cross-racial and cross-generational group from five churches formed by The Ministers Coalition for Social Change. They have been meeting weekly on Zoom since August 19th. and are seeking to become engaged in shared activities beyond the walls of our respective churches. Jillian is taking a lead in organizing shared activities in the community, and, in the meantime, some of us are making an effort to visit each other's churches for worship together. The pictures below are ones taken when Bill & Sue Botts visited Reverend Mozett (Mo) Pettway, who is one of the founding members of The Ministers Coalition for Social Change as well as president of the Spotsylvania Chapter of the NAACP. They also joined Rev. Pettway and met with musician Sylvia Beale, Sue, Minister Wanda Carr, and Minister Alice Warren, as the ladies gathered to receive pink Breast Cancer Sunday gift bags from the church as part of October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Coalition's Mission Statement states, "Through Jesus Christ, we strive as a community to tear down the walls of separation that foster racial barriers and impose racial inequalities by promoting repentance, reconciliation, and restoration". If you'd like to learn more about this coalition check out this PDF.