Prayer List

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Week of July 7, 2024
Pray for the homeless, those with trauma, and an end to violence.
For my dad, John Tate, who is having surgery on his hip. He fell and it came out of joint again. Also for my mom, Barbara. Her 92nd birthday was last Wednesday and she had big plans. Same thing happened on their Anniversary. I know she is disappointed.- Pastor Tim
Daughter of Christina, Lexy, Heart complications and recovery. - Bartlett 
Cookie Newton was recently diagnosed with cancer in several vital organs.- Ruth Feltner

Please keep us (Vicky Butler, Amanda Croke, and Gary and Alison Fravel) in your prayers as we leave to serve at Camp Rainbow Connection on Saturday, July 13 - July 19, 2024.
Please pray for the family of Steve Crittenden as he passed away last night, July 8, 2024.- Vicky Butler

Previous requests 
Please,add my neighbor, Steve Crittenden who has suffered a stroke. He is currently on a ventilator at MWHC.- Viki Butler >Brandon and Sarah Murphy on the birth of my first grandchild - Mattie June Murphy on June 13th. - C. Murphy
Healing for close friend, Sue Kuck, as she has her first knee replacement surgery. - Terri Wiseman
Sabra Brooker who is underwent surgery in Atlanta GA, for new onset colon cancer.- Robin Brown 
Continued prayers for Bryant (Bubba) Lewis as he is going through chemo for retinoblastoma. Praise that the treatments seem to be shrinking the tumor - Earnesty
Cindy Merritt and her mother. Susan Dobson for healing. Baby Audrina for continued healing. Marian Wasem and Cindy Cindy King for healing - Eagleton
Pray for Kate Wear - MooreRichard Pannutti (Melissa's uncle, fighting cancer) - Eagleton
Family and friends of Monica MacIndoe who died on June 16 in a car crash. Bob Lewandowski  
Vincent Ceci (cancer) and his wife Mirela - Libby Wasem
My mom replacement shoulder surgery, Wendy, Richard, Tom, Leigh, all with cancer, Kenny needs a kidney - Kim Harmon
Edumund Koenig, Isreal, Lisa, Thomas Napier, Nancy Smith, Leonard Holland - Laura Koenig 
Continued prayers for Bryant (Bubba) Brewer (age 4) who is going through chemo treatments for retinoblastoma - Earnesty
Suzanne - a friend of Donnelly

Peace, Kindness & Love 
Our soldiers & first responders 
those with trauma


The local homeless & Micah Ministries
Work of our missionary in Tanzania, Fernando Matsimbe, and a new church inside Serengeti National Park that he has planned, that it will carry forth the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ
Children’s and Youth Ministries
The United Methodist Church and the upcoming General Conference 2024

Brian Alexander
Zachary Belcher (Rob and Melissa's son)
Sara Bergazzi
Anne Blosser
Pat Blosser
Joan Buchan
Ellen Coppell and Fred Coppell
Ruth Ernst
Lisabeth Grainger
Doug Green
Ellen Hartzler (Birmingham Green, 8605 Centreville Rd., Cardinal Heights, Rm 132, Manassas, VA 20110-8426)
Wayne Hedge 
Alberta Hickman
Bobby Hill – spina bifida (GA) (Lydia O’Neil’s grandson)
Bob Hinkle
Jackie and Doug Holbrook
Alice Hoover
Bob LaChance
Glenna Lee
Bob Lewandowski and their grandchildren
Rylee Maslock
Ruth McGhee
Jeannette Regan
Steven (Lynda Swanlund's brother)
Don Swanlund
Larry Tubbs
Tabitha Van Doren
Ron Wasem
Max and Dorothy Youmans
Amy Young and Family

All Military and Law Enforcement and First Responders and Essential Workers
Logan Barry - USMC (Karen Foster)
Sr Airman Adam DeWitte – USAF, stationed stateside
Pvt Winter Ewer
Jackson Henderson – USCG (C.M. and Barbara Williams grandson)
Walt Kuck – USS Lassen, (Elizabeth Heflin)
Riley Nefferendorf
Lt. John Phin
Warrant Officer J Seaux
Kyle M. Shiner – US Navy (Leon & Vivien Shiner)
2nd Lt Ted Steber, USMC (Jayne Manger's grandson)
Drew Wilson