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Oct 09, 2022 | Gina Anderson-Cloud

A Soul Care plan for any family

Going deeper with Soul Care
Questions to ask yourself or at home
Q1: Why is rest important? If we have not devoted quality time to rest and sleep then our battery is dead. If our battery is dead then we're useless to ourselves, our family, and the kingdom!
Q2: What do you think God wants us to learn from times of "forced stillness"?
If I trust God, it doesn't matter what the future holds. My life is lived for the purpose of other people seeing HIS glory!
Q3: How can you teach others to be still and get along time with God?

Put into practice!
* Be generous to yourself. Get your family into the art of practicing soul care. Give everyone a journal and encourage them to write conversations to God.
* Create space for rest. Close your eyes, take a walk, take deep breaths, and reflect on Scripture.
* Have regular family(or friend) meetings! (dinner is a great time). Ask whom they would like to serve and/or help. Sometimes we just need an invitation to share our thoughts.

5 Things we can teach others about soul care if we slow down long enough to learn these lessons ourselves!
1) Be vulnerable with people who want to know how you're really doing.
2) Insist on time alone. And time together with family, alone. You need it more thank you think you do.
3) Retreat to a quite place and listen to God. He always says something, even if it's "be still".
4) Surround yourself with a community of broke people who share a common journey (ex. adoption, leadership, teens, toddlers)
5) Wear a crown and celebrate! Sometimes we have to look behind us to see how far we've come. And what you do, JUST KEEP GOING!

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