Summer Baggage

Jun 23, 2024 | Kristina Wilson

Put down guilt & shame

 This weekend, we get to celebrate one of our own, Kristina Wilson, who has recently graduated with her Masters of Divinity and her Masters of Social work from Boston University. As a church, we must recognize how this church has been a place of formation for God to work and nurture those planted here to grow into the disciples they are called to be. That is why I am so excited to lift up the voice of God through the preaching of Kristina Wilson, M.Div/MSW who is coming to share the word with us post-graduation from her seminary degree as she moves into the world of practical ministry as a candidate for Deacon. She will be preaching on Romans chapter 8 where we will reflect on the power of releasing guilt and shame and what it means to lean into our identity as children of God, saved by God's grace alone, no longer burdened by our past mistakes.


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