Eternal Investments

Nov 26, 2023 | Tim Tate

Stewarding Discipleship - Eternal Investments

Eternal Investments. This has been the theme over the past month for our stewardship effort, and I hope that through these weeks you have been able to pray and reflect about the investments you are making into the Kingdom of God, as well as how God might be inviting you to invest in love through FUMC.  

Though this Sunday is when our children, youth, and adults will bring forward our estimates of giving cards, but more importantly this Sunday is Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday of the Christian year and celebration of Christ as King. I believe it is rather appropriate for these two things to coincide, for when we talk about Eternal Investments, there is no greater eternal investment than God’s investment in the world through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

God’s commitment to love and salvation is truly amazing, and when we take the time to think about what that means for us, it can be overwhelming. Stewardship is about letting those feelings of gratitude sink in and asking God how God might be inviting us to respond by giving our love to others through the use of our time, talent, and treasures through this great church. A church that continues to amaze me in how we care for the community around us, and if we were not here, we would be greatly missed.

This Sunday’s sermon title is:  Committed Stewards. God’s invitation is to respond to God’s Grace through committing together, not equal gifts but equal sacrifice, to as one Body, reveal Christ’s love to the world. Put another way, to make an eternal investment, so others might know God as we do.

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