Eternal Investments

Nov 19, 2023 | Chelsea Morse

Stewarding Generations

This week we will be in the third week of our stewardship series, “Eternal Investments” focusing on what it means to “Steward Generations.” We will spend some time in the epistle of 2 Timothy 1:1-7. This is often referred to as a sunset “send-off” letter that the Apostle Paul wrote to his beloved mentee, Timothy, in his last days. In it, are words of encouragement to keep going and to hold onto the faith that he has inherited from the matriarchs of his family close as the trials come. 

This letter is a beautiful portrayal of what it looks like when a faithful follower invests in the next generation of leadership. It also begs us to ask the question, how are we using our own time and talents to shape the next generation? Furthermore, how much time do we take to sit at the feet of wisdom of those who have walked this faithful path before us? What questions necessary to pick up the mantle where they left off so that we can continue to run the race set before us as disciples of Jesus Christ? 

How can we learn from each generation before us and seek their wisdom and be humble enough to learn from each of our own missteps? Through it all, how are we relying on the Holy Spirit to lead us forward? 

This Sunday, we will also be bringing in our FALL POUNDING household “blessing bags” to the altar during the offering time. Please bring these with you to worship and you will be cued when to bring them forward during the service. Let us celebrate with Thanksgiving what it means to place our gifts at the foot of the cross so that God can multiply them with abundance!  

On Sunday evening, we also invite you to our community interfaith Thanksgiving prayer service. This will be open to the public and held at FUMC at 6 PM on Sunday 11/19 in the sanctuary. We hope this will be an evening to come together as a community and pray for peace in our world and for one another in celebration of all that God is doing in our midst!

If you are traveling this weekend, we hope you will remember that next Sunday (11/26) we will wrap up our stewardship series and encourage you to bring your “estimate of giving” cards for commitment Sunday. There is a lot to be proud of in our community and we celebrate all that God is doing and will do when we seek to align with how the Spirit is leading us to serve one another in the coming year, together, and One Church

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