Summer Baggage

Jun 02, 2024

The Weight we Carry

Today we launched our “SUMMER BAGGAGE” sermon series. This week’s sermon title, “The Weight We Carry” will focus on the spiritual weight that we carry with us and how it is important to let go of those things that prevent us from living into the person that GOD has called us to be.

The Apostle Paul talks about “running with perseverance” in the “race that is set before us.” But we cannot run anywhere, if we are being held back by continually storing away things that weigh us down: sin, shame, guilt, remorse…but really need a Savior’s healing. But how do we unpack that baggage especially in Christian community? The StarWars guru Yoda says, “An easy answer, it is not,” but Christ gives us the means to release this weight, once and for all so we can not just fly…but we can SOAR.

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