Feb 04, 2024 | Tim Tate


The classical definition of a tapestry is a piece of art that is woven together from strips of cloth. Each tapestry is unique, and each represents the heart of the weaver. However, the term tapestry has also been used to describe a web of relationships or ideas, each unique and different and yet bound together to create something new. Individual pieces come together and create something greater and more beautiful together than we each could ever be apart from one another. By this definition, the Church and a community are a tapestry, and when church and community come together to bless lives, God (the maker and weaver) reveals some of God's greatest work.

In this message you'll hear more about a tapestry, specifically a tapestry of prayer that is being created among the Micah Ministries churches, but also about how God gives FUMC the privilege of being a part of a great tapestry of love and care to our neighbors whom Micah ministries serve. Meghann Cotter, Executive servant at Micah, raised by the FUMC Church family, will be here to share some of those connections, and she will be joining me as part of the sermon.

As we close out our "Why?" sermon series, we end with the question, "Why FUMC?" When I think of this question, I think of the tried and true question that is important to ask any church, "would FUMC be missed if we were not here?" What do you think? How might we be missed? Who or what would suffer in our absence? To reflect on such questions is to work toward answering why Fredericksburg UMC is such an important tapestry of Christ's love and witness to our community and beyond.

Pastor Tim

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