I've been meaning to ask
Our leading question, “I’ve been meaning to ask… ”conveys intentionality, warmth, curiosity, and consideration. In essence, this question also implies the following statements: “I’ve been thinking about you and I’ve been wanting to check in… You’ve been on my mind… I haven’t known how to have this conversation, but I’m getting started with a question.”
This series alone will not resolve our divisions and differences. However, it will invite us to behold each other as images of the divine. It will help us strengthen our capacity for empathy and compassion. It will show us the simple power of asking unassuming questions. It will remind us that courage is rooted in the heart.
God's Love is Shown

In our worship series this Lent, entitled God’s Love Is Shown, we will delve into the rich and diverse aspects of our Lord’s love shown in his life, suffering, death, and resurrection.