Living Your Strengths

This week, we begin a five-week, church-wide series on Living Our Strengths! We will learn about our God-given strengths and rethink how to live them out in our faith life. We will use the Clifton Strengths-Finder tools to discover our unique strengths. What are your top 5 strengths?

Fall Kick Start for Faith

Over the summer,  we can get disconnected.  The beginning of school and fall kick-off of routines offer a time to focus on faith and our vows to God.  Our new series intends to “kick start” us toward a passionate engagement with God and God’s church.  Based on the teachings of Malachi, we will discuss how to live in God’s love, be loyal to God and embrace all that a life in faith can offer.  Let’s kick off together with the right focus as our fall activities begin; we hope you find a place in one of them. 

Happy: What it is and how to find it
We all dream of being happy. If we could just lose the extra weight, get the job, buy the house, we could truly be happy. But over time, it begins to seem as though lasting happiness is unattainable. Despite our best efforts, true happiness will never be a reality for us. So how do we find lasting happiness and contentment in our lives? Maybe the answer isn't in our own lives at all.
Matt Miofsky connects the existential question, "Am I happy?" with basic theology and unexpected biblical texts. Starting with the book of Ecclesiastes, considering if any 'thing" can make us happy, he explores the value of relationships, a forgiving lifestyle, living in the present, feeling gratitude, and learning to release control. Using scripture and these themes as a guide, we will explore this topic in worship as part of a summer reading series.
A Healthy Life, Under Pressure

When we are honest, we realize the weight of stress applying pressure in our lives.  Pressure is not a new thing. James wrote to early Christians about how to face intense pressure.  Through the lens of holy Scripture, his advice asks followers of Jesus to live in ways where pressure moves us closer in our journey with Jesus, day-to-day. So, in a season where we are called to relax and let things go, join with us as we look to living healthy, Christ-focused lives even in tense, pressuring times. Read James with us from mid-June to mid-July and get spiritually healthy!

How Do I Please God?

Recently, a church researcher surveyed churchgoing Christians with this question: “Have you ever experienced God in a worship service?” In the findings, only one-third responded that they regularly experience God in church.  William Hendrix in his work entitled Exit Interviews delves into why there seems to be a generation leaving church over the last few decades. Part of what he suggests is that worship is not meaningful to a lot of church-goers. He also suggests, as do others, that some of the problem is not in what our church staff, volunteers and/or pastors offer during worship, but that the problem of feeling like God experiences are rare is more about our individual way of approaching God through the ancient traditions of worship, as well as within the new iterations of worship we find in church today.  The problem is not so much “the church,” but us. Is God pleased with how you approach worship?

 Rick Ezell writes: “We desperately need a life-changing glimpse of the greatness, the awesomeness, the wonder, the power, the mercy, the goodness and loving kindness of God.” This new series for May hopes to ask questions of us and give resources that help us please God as we encounter the Holy in our worshipping life.

 Our current series offers us an opportunity to look at what God might find pleasing in a worshipful life in and through the church. To do this, we will focus on 4 P’s – Presence, Preparation, Power and Protocol.  

Come, Follow Me
“Come and Follow Me” will focus on Christian discipleship using the Apostle Peter as a guide.
We hope that you will hear Jesus’ call to follow more closely during this important time, as we look to the call, failures and success within Peter’s journey.
Relationship Status: Healthy Connections

February is often the month when we reflect upon our love relationships. This February we are taking the opportunity to explore our relationships in light of God’s word. We will begin with friendships, talk about family and marriage, hear from our youth and end in exploring our relationship with God. This series will be grounded in the “real” of life taking on when everything is not all hearts and flowers, as well as looking to God’s most healthy vision for all of our connections. Don’t miss this series! It’s a time to offer up your hopes, dreams and difficulties to God in the light of God’s Word.


A Limitless Life: Living a God-Directed Life in 2019

Join us for our series following the Christmas Season planned to help us begin the New Year on the right path. Life itself can seem so limited. We fuss about our time constraints. We complain about growing older. We feel the pressures of our finances. All this can make us feel so limited. In addition, we make New Years’ resolutions in hopes of changing things, yet we find ourselves in the same old boxes or navigating the same circles that take us nowhere good. Start in the right direction this year! Begin afresh at church and with God in 2019! In worship, we will encounter the limitless nature of God and how that nature makes all the difference for the year ahead, as well as for each moment of each day.