Sermons in: 9 Things You Simply Must Do

Jun 10, 2018
Do Not Worry

Nine Things You Simply Must Do Dig it Up – Become more Aware...

May 27, 2018
Be Humble

If I am to succeed in love and life I must be humble. For followers of...

May 20, 2018
Don't Play Fair

A young woman named Sarah… this is what it means to be...

May 13, 2018
Hate Well

Hating well doesn't seem to fit our vocabulary. We usually think of...

May 06, 2018
Act Like an Ant

6 "Go to the ant, you sluggard;     consider its...

Apr 29, 2018
Do Something!

Catherine Marshall: “You have set goals for yourselves but I...

Apr 22, 2018
Play the Movie

People who succeed in love and life rarely act without considering its...

Apr 15, 2018
Pull the Tooth

The Problem A sore tooth can become a major distraction. Distractions...