The Ends of the Earth. We can be Christ’s Witnesses to those in need beyond our community and throughout the world.


 Mission Trip to Tree of Life Center in Tlancualpican, Mexico

February 9-18, 2023

Additional mission team members are needed for our fifth trip to the GYTTE Tree of Life Center. This will be an experience that you will not want to miss! "Give Ye Them To Eat" ("GYTTE") is a social outreach program of the Methodist Church of Mexico serving rural communities in south-central Mexico. The GYTTE program is a rural development center and an approved advance special mission Project of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. You will have the opportunity to work on Center projects that include building roads, outdoor chapels, homes, livestock shelters and dry composting toilets using alternative construction methods, refurbishing the local Methodist church, gardening, playground building, sewing, food preparation using outdoor stoves/ovens, etc.

Strong-minded women are welcome--these are the "pink rock ladies" building new homes:   And these are the type of shelters that the local villagers are leaving:

If you are interested, contact Bill or Sue Botts at 540- 656-0843/376-2219 or or


Our congregation is gathering UMCOR Kits to serve those community devastated by the recent hurricanes and flooding in Virginia, North and South Carolina and Florida.  These recent disasters have shown us how important these kits are in times of crisis.  These Cleaning Kits can help save someone's home.   Fund one yourself, with your family, neighbors, club or small group for $50.  Contact Sandy Wiseman for information.

Mission Opportunities in Guatemala

July 22-29, 2023

For over 27 years, the Highland Support Project (501c3) based in Richmond,has worked with indigenous Maya women to build resilience and create opportunities. Our group typically builds stoves during the summer, however, if you have an interest in health, midwifery, childhood education, or art there are other opportunities as well.   Contact for information on our next trip this summer to build stoves along side the Mayan women in the Guatemalan Highlands. 

Highland Support Project Website